Egyptian-Style Tea Leaf Readings

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This will teach you how to do a reading.

Angels guardians of hope and wonder Celtic Knot long life, eternity, Peace Sign Cross redemption, salvation Heart love, fondness Kokopelli fertility, joy, music Star of David union, heart, and love Yin & Yang balance, harmony Alligator aggression, survival, adaptability Ant team player, worker Armadillo active, nocturnal, protection Bat guardian of the night, cleaner Bear power, adaptability Bear Paw strength, mobility Beaver builder, gather Bobcat fierce, loner, intensity Brontosaurus harmless giant Buffalo sacredness, life builder Buffalo Skull sacredness, reverence for life Bull strength, warning Butterfly metamorphosis, carefree, transformer Camel weary, enduring Cat independence, grace, healing Cougar leadership, courage Cow patience, stoicism Coyote prankster, insight, playful Crane solitude, independence Deer love, gentleness, kindness Dog loyalty, protection Dolphin kindness, play, bridge man to ocean Dove love, peace, gentleness Dragon wisdom, nobility Dragonfly flighty, carefree Eagle divine spirit, connection to Creator Elephant long life, self-preservation Elk strength, agility, freedom Fox cunning, provider, intelligence Frog connection with water element Giraffe watchfulness, mobility Goat stubborn, omnivorous Goose faithful, communicative, traveler Gorilla brute strength, adaptability Grizzly Bear hunter, nature's pharmacist Hawk messenger, stopper of time Hippo linking water and earth, survival Hopi Hand life, creative, healing Horse stamina, mobility, strength Hummingbird messenger, stopper of time Kangaroo feisty, fun loving Lion power, strength, respect Lizard conservation, agility Loon solitude, song, romance Manatee peaceable, unassuming Mastodon lumbering giant Monkey playfulness, agility Moose headstrong, unstoppable, longevity Mouse timid, secretive, and sneaky Orca focus, power Ostrich fickle, fast moving Otter laughter, curiosity, truth, patience Owl wisdom, perseverance Panda playful, kindness Pegasus carrier of lightning Pelican ever watchful, grace Penguin playful, loving Pheasant confidence, attraction, perseverance Pig intelligence, hunger Polar Bear fearlessness, power Pterodactyl wing, finger Quail sacred spiral, ceremonial, Holy Rabbit alertness, resourceful Raccoon bandit, shy, determination Ram new beginning, teacher, hoarder Raptor speedy thief Raven trickster, mischievous Rhino durability, strength Road Runner speed, agility, cleverness Salmon instinct, persistence, determination Scorpion defense, self-protection Seahorse confidence, grace Shark hunter, survival Skunk wary, conspicuous, and intense Snake shrewdness, transformation Spider creative, pattern of life Squirrel trusting, innocence Steer Skull silent testimony Stegosaurus the covered lizard Swan grace, balance, festive Thunderbird caller of rain Turkey smart, elusive Turtle self-contained creative source Unicorn redemption, salvation Water Buffalo great strength, hard working Whale wisdom, power, cleanser Wolf loyalty, success, perseverance Wolf Paw freedom, success, guidance Zebra family-oriented, alert Zuni Bear good health To apply these symbols to a reading, you simply associate the tea leaf configuration with the meaning of the symbol and think of it in terms of real life. For example, if you look at the bottom of your cup and see a wolf, then this means you are a loyal person who will be successful with a lot of perseverance.

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