Lesser Banishing

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banish negativity from your life, home or whatever....very good for beginners

Facing east and using your fingers or a dagger (athame), draw down energy from above and touch your forehead, vibrating powerfully: ATEH (= Thine is) Touch your breast and vibrate powerfully: MALKUTH (= the kingdom) Touch your right shoulder and vibrate powerfully: VE-GEBURAH (= and the power) Touch your left shoulder and vibrate powerfully" VE-GEDULAH (= and the glory) Fold your arms across your chest and vibrate powerfully: LE-OLAM (= forever and ever) fold our hands in front of your forehead, slowly pull them down to your chest and vibrate powerfully: AMEN (= so mote it be) Remaining facing EAST, draw the first pentagram. Inhale while pulling your hand back to your chest, then sharply stab your fingers or dagger (athame) into the middle of the pentagram while powerfully vibrating the God-name: JHVH (= Yeh - ho - vah or Yod - heh - vau - heh) Keep your arm outstretched & turn 90 degrees to the South, draw another pentagram, stab the center and vibrate powerfully: ADNI (= ah - doh - nai) Keep your arm outstretched & turn 90 degrees to the West, draw another pentagram and stab the center, follow by vibrating powerfully: EHIH (= eh - he - yeh) Keep your arm outstretched & turn 90 degrees to the North, draw another pentagram, stab the center and vibrate powerfully: AGLA (= ah - geh - lah ) Keep your arms outstetched & turn 90 degrees back to the East, completing the circle that connects the centers of each pentagram. (you may want to relax your arms....find your center then procced) Remain facing east, stretch out your arms to the side (making a cross) and visualize yourself becoming an oversized black cross with a beautiful red rose blooming at the front intersecting point. when you are satisified, vibrate the god-name while visualizing the Archangels in gigantic human form. Speak and vibrate powerfully: Before me RAPHAEL; Behind me GABRIEL; on my right hand MICHAEL; on my left hand AURIEL; For about me flames the pentagram, and above me the six-rayed star. (repeat step one in reverse) To dismiss any energies or spirits that are unwanted : "I now dismiss all spirits and energies that have been attracted to this ritual. Go in freedom - may peace be with you and me!" Some Notes about the Lesser Banishing Ritual - Similar to the lowest common denominator - practiced among all magicians from the wester, hermetic-oriented traditions -Europe to America - Asia to Australia - # of variations is large, but the # of significant diffrences is very small - most important piece of basic equipment - purposes 1. general protection 2. part of larger ceremony (intro & conclusion) 3. casting the protective circle 4. exercise to train the imagination as well as visualization 5. consentration 6. trance skills -Pentagram (western) is a traditional symbol used to represent the five elements......fire....earth....air....water....spirit (ether) - Normal standing person with legs spread apart and arms outstretched from side to side, naturally forms a pentagram - pentagram - aka Druid's Foot....aka 5 pointed star represents microcosm - hexigram - Aka The Star of David aka the 6 pointed star represents macrocosm and is usually assigned to the planitary powers - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram uses the Banishing Earth Pentagram - banishes start from the earth - magician stands with "both feet on the ground" *aids in stability and concentration while in gnostic trance The Archangels involved Raphael - "The Healer of God"; which is why he's sometimes associated astrologically and astromagically with Mercury. Gabreiel - "The Mighty One of God"; in the gnostic speculations he's often associated with spirit as the bringer of life, or logos. Michael - "Who is like God"; guardian of the Jewish people, also called the "Sword of God" (or the Demiurge); Michael was also the figure who expelled Adam and Eve from paradise after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Auriel - "The Fire of God"; also one of the important angels. (more data will be researched and noted later, on this archangel.) more on Auriel -

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