Dark talisman ritual (Dark Blood magick)

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This ritual is use to create a dark talisman an item infused with demon powers and dark wisdom to accomplish each desire of the holder

Prerequisites: Dark moon (New moon) Midnight Materials: 1 Black quartz (or any other black gemstone) 5 Black candles A pentagram A ceremonial dagger A pen or marker or blood ink (made it with your own blood) A portion of your own blood (make sure of don?t use more of a pint) A crystal bowl A alter Casting: Using your pen (marker, blood ink) draw a invert pentagram in the ground and put a black candle between each peak Lit each candle from right to left and repeat this each time you light a candle: By the lit of this candle I call upon you great lord of the shadows Lucifer Now put the gem in the center of the pentagram and pronounced these words: Oh great lord of shadows infuse this gem with your wisdom strength and power to be use in my own purposes and against my enemies in Exchange of if take part of my very own blood in sacrifice to you and in sign of this pact I shall spill a drop of my own blood in this dark gem infused with your power, wisdom and strength Then take the ceremonial dagger and cut your hand or any other part of your body and spill the first drop of blood in the gem and repeat 3 times "so mote it be" now squeeze your hand and drop the much blood possible(for 3 to 5 minutes) in the bowl take out the gem and put the bowl with the blood in place of the gem and put the gem in the alter and leave both there for 1 hour then pronounce with firm voice the pact has being seal and the sacrifice has being take Now blow out each candle from left to right and repeat "so mote it be" each time you blow out a candle

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