Power Strengthening Ritual

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Strengthen your powers under the full moon. Be careful of any and all magical beings under the full moon.

Items needed: -flower petals -bowl of water -salt -candles (elemental. red, green, yellow, blue, and purple) -matches (no lighters) This ritual is meant to strengthen your powers. The flower petals you need to get need to symbolize your specific power, but it can symbolize it in any way you feel is right. My favored power is over spirit so I would choose lavender because of it's calming scent and purple color. Arrange the candles according to the 5 elements. Make sure everything you need is inside the circle before you cast it. Yellow in the east, red in the south, blue in the west, green in the north, and purple in the center of it all. For beginning circle casters, yellow is for air, red is for fire, blue is for water, green is for earth and purple is for spirit. Welcome each element and light each candle as you go in a clock wise circle, starting with air. After your circle has been cast, place your flower petals in the bowl of water and chant: "I do not own the power within me, no one truly owns power. But I do have the ability to manifest it, strengthen inside of me, ability!" Once you are done chanting, sprinkle salt around each candle. Say a prayer of thanks to the elements, and practice your powers in comfort and confidence. Do not intend to harm anyone with said abilities, or they shall be taken from you completely. Don't forget to clean up. :)

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