Candle magic

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Pick the candle type and color as is appropriate for the ritual at hand.  Cleanse the candle of any prior energies it may have come into contact with. You can use water, salt, pure soap, or olive oil that you have previously blessed and consecrated for magical use.  Bless and consecrate the oil you intend to use that is appropriate for the ritual. Using the wrong oil can change your outcome.  I like to verbally state my intentions as I engrave my candles. I use the Theban alphabet to engrave them.  Anoint your candle with the oil and focus on your intentions as you force your desire into the candle with your projective hand.  Meditate awhile on your desired outcome.  If my ritual calls for the candle to be put out rather than burning out, I do not blow or pinch the candle flame out. Blowing a candle out blows my desire away, and pinching a flame pinches my desire. I generally just wave my hand over the flame hard enough to make a breeze that puts it out. 

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