Making a Prosperity Oil

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Simple instructions for making a prosperity oil.

Making a prosperity oil on the sacred day of the planet Jupiter enhances the effectiveness of the oil.

Add to a glass jar one part spearmint, one part basil, two drops cinnamon essential oil, and six parts of a base oil such as sunflower, almond, or virgin olive. Mix all the ingredients fully, and seal the jar. Let the concoction stand for three weeks in a dry, cool, and dark place.

After three weeks, shake the jar and strain the oil through cheesecloth or muslin, and decant the oil into a dark glass bottle with a mouth wide enough for a few small coins to be inserted. Next, add a sprig of basil and a lodestone to the bottle. Store it away from sunlight.

Prosperity oil may be rubbed on your wallet, purse, check-book, on contracts, and on cash registers. Enjoy!

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