Self iniation ritual

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the self ritual for iniation into the craft

Ensure privacy for this ritual, prepare a space and light candles all around it. Take a bath in the darkness, dry yourself off, and enter the candlelit room naked. YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING Initiation incense, made from one part frankinsence, one part myrrh, and one part juniper berries. A yellow (air East), red(fire South), blue (water West), green (earth North), and pruple (sprit centre)candles, arrange clockwise around the circle with the purple candle in the centre. Your atheme, place at the centre of the circle. One tablespoon of olive oil, grapeseed, or almond oil, with one drop of chamomile oil. A 2.5m length each of green and red cord. One glass of red wine or dark drink, and some bread in the centre of the room. THE RITUAL Cast a circle light the incense, and welcome the elements, begining with air saying respectively: WATCHTOWER OF THE EAST (SOUTH/WEST/NORTH) THE ELEMENT OR AIR (FIRE/WATER/EARTH), I CALL UPON YOU TO WITNESS AND GUARD THIS CIRCLE. light the yellow red blue green candles, after each one is lit. Before the purple candle say: HECATE, GODDESS OF WITCHES AND WATCHER AT THE CROSSROADS, I STAND NOW AT THE CROSSROADS BETWEEN THE OLD LIFE AND NEW. MY JOURNEY TO BE A WITCH AND PRIEST/ESS OF THE GODESS. light the candle stand before the spirt candle (purple candle)take deep breathes counting 100 heartbeats say aloud: I STAND ON THE TRESHOLD BETWEEN MY OLD LIFE AND MY NEW AND I AM WILLING TO CROSS OVER AND BECOME WITCH AND PRIEST/ESS. I AM WILLING TO ENDURE IN ORDER TO LEARN AND OFFER TWO PERFECT WORDS AS I CROSS INTO THE UNKNOWN: LOVE AND TRUST. take your atheme and move around the circle clockwise and beginung with air introduce yourself to the element: ELEMENTS OF AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AND SPRIT ME ( SAY YOUR MAGICAL NAME) AS WITCH PRIEST/ESS OF THE GODDESS now that you are back into the centre pause for another 100 heartbeats then take the oil and anoint your body in this variation of the five fold blessing anoiting your centre forehead i=on the last line not your eyes: BLESSED BE MY FEET THAT HAVE BROUGHT ME ON THIS PATH BLESSED BE MY SEX SOURCE OF LOVE AND POWER BLESSED BE MY BREASTS AND THE HEART THAT BEATS WITHIN BLESSED BE MY LIPS THAT WILL SPEAK THE SACRED NAMES BLESSED BE MY EYES THAT WILL SEE CLEARLY THE PATH BEFORE ME Pause for another 100 heartbeats then take the red and green cords and fasten them together at the end mesure your height from head to toe and fasten a knot in the doulbe cord measure the circumference of your head witht the cord and fasten another knot at that point measue around your chest and arms at heart level and fasten a knot at this point THSES ARE YOUR MEASURES KEEP THEM SAFE then say aloud: I PROMISE TO PROTECT MY BROTHORS AND SISTERS IN THE CRAFT AND NEVER BETRAY THE SACRED TRUST OF THE KNOWLEDGE THAT COMES TO ME. I WILL DO MY BEST TO LIVE WITHIN THE ETHICS OF WITCHCRAFT HARMING NONE AND VALUING MYSELF AND OTHERS THE GODDESS IS ME AND I AM HERS BODY MIND AND SPIRIT SO MOTE IT BE dip a small piece of the bread into the wine or dark juice and eat it to seal your vows

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