Invocation of God or Goddess

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Basic Magick Circle Invocation of God or Goddess.

"Oh, great Goddess/God/Name

I ask you as your child To open me to your mystic light,

And allow me to channel your power through me.

I pray to watch over me and my circle

And be with me in my sacred right."

Place the objects with their correspondent direction(fire – South, water – West, earth – North, air – East).

Now, that you have the tools of creation you may use them to create your sacred space - a place of balance between our world and the divine world. Pick up the athame and trace the circle clockwise. This is your sacred area. Visualize energy - your will - running out of your hand and through the tip of the athame creating a protective sphere of energy. When ending the ritual and closing the circle approach the altar and say:

"God/Goddess/Name, source of all,

I thank you for Your Presence,

For Your Circle,

Blessed Be!"

The Magick Circle Ritual is one of most important rituals in magick. Use it each time you cast a spell.

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