Riddance of Nightmares

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This ritual is to bring good dreams for the coming year.

~ Mortar and Pestle
~ 1 Mirror
~ Ceremonial Chalice or a Cup will do
~ A spoon
~ 3 Grapes
~ Water
~ Salt

- Find a quiet place indoors with a table, counter, dresser or any waist high flat surface.
- Put up your mirror against the wall.
- Place your Mortar and Pestle side my side next to your grapes (may be placed in a plate).
- Pore the water into your cup/chalice and set it down on the others side of your grapes.
- It also helps to have your grapes pealed before performing the spell.

- Stand in front of the mirror.
- While looking at yourself in the mirror chant:

Once a forger of slumber, may rest fall once more.

- Drop one grape in your Mortar.
- Use the pestle to crush it as best you can, try to make it as mushy as possible.
- Again, while looking back up at yourself in the mirror chant:

Restless night, merciless dream, might it be gone.

- Repeat steps 3 and 4.
- After crushing chant the following looking into the mirror:

Once a nightmare of slumber, never again to steal thy pleasantry of night. Flow as it will, a placid night.

- Repeat steps 3 and 4.
- When all 3 grapes are or almost are liquid use your spoon to help pore the crushed grapes into your cup.
- Look away from the mirror and chant:

This to capture, to obtain, any nightmares left to go.

- Stir the water and grapes with your spoon and drink it all.
- Now without looking into the mirror clean the area of your materials except for the salt.
- Come back and still without looking lay the mirror down flat so the reflective side is facing downward on the surface.
- Sprinkle the salt onto the back of the mirror in the shape of a pentagram.
- Leave the mirror there for 3 days as you had 3 grapes, cleansing it of your nightmares.

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