Magical Herbs, Plants and Trees

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A guide to differents herbs for potions, spells, or wand cores.

Aloe Living plants guard against evil influences and prevent household accidents Anise sleep on anise seeds to ensure sleep free from nightmares; fresh anise leaves protects the magic circle and ward off evil Basil used in love spells and purification baths Blackberry used in money spells; vines are protective; sacred to Brigit Black Cohosh used in love spells and gives courage to the meek if carried Bloodroot the root draws love and avert negativity; place on doorways and windows for protection Marigold Add Marigold to your bath to win the respect and admiration of your peers. String garlands of Marilgold around the outside doors to stop evil from entering the house. Chamomile used in money spells (wash hands in chamomile tea before gambling); used to remove curses and spells Elder hang over doorways and windows to get out evil; carry the berries to protect from negativity; grow near your home to bring prosperity; excellent wood for making wands; bad luck to burn elder wood Fennel Grow around the home for protection. Hung up at windows, it will ward off evil spirits. Used in purification sachets. Hazel Twigs of hazel placed against the window frames will guard against lightning and three pins of hazel wood driven into the house will protect it from fire. Present a bride with a batch of hazel nuts to wish her good fortune. Hazel is used to make magical wands and for dowsing. Hibiscus Red Hibiscus flowers are used in love potions and placed in wreaths in marriage ceremonies. Lavender Used in love spells. Rub lavender on your clothing to attract love. Also protects against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse if worn. Place lavender under your pillow for a good night's sleep. Mint Mint is used in travel spells and the bright green leaves can be used in money and prosperity spells. Fresh mint laid on the altar will call good spirits. Morning Glory Morning Glory seeds under your pillow will stop nightmares. Grown in the garden, blue morning glories will bring peace and happiness. Peppermint Peppermint has long been used in healing and purification spells. It raises the vibrations of the area. Placed under the pillow, it can aid in sleep and sometimes offered glimpse of the future in dreams.

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