Ways to use the Death Note

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The Death Note is one of the world's deadliest weapons of magick to go by and must be used by the pure of heart

Number One (From http://www.realdeathnote.webs.com/) * The person whose name is written in the note book will suffer and die. * This note will not take effect unless you have the persons face in your mind when writing his or her name. The image of him or her must be of them dying. * Details of the cause of death may be written immediately after the name within the next Eleven minutes and Six seconds, if the cause or nature of death is not specified they will simply suffer/die the most likely way. * All notes must be made in the present tense. * Results will physically manifest within 6 months or less. Suffering will be seen within 7 days or less. * All of the Souls of those written in a note will be deluded in a sea of white light and are eliminated from all of existence forever. * The owner of this note book should empower it every full moon through mediation for 7 hours. If the note book is not empowered during the full moon the waning moon may be used as a substitute. If it is failed to be done all notes will be suspended until empowerment or re-activation. * To relinquish ownership you must simply say so. If nobody touches the note book within 72 days of relinquishment the notes currently in the book will be annulled. Number Two Write down the name and the hour of death. You must write down the details of their death as well, if not they'll die the likely way. Visualize their death by looking at their face when they die After they die, save the notebook for the next victim to be jotted down. Follow the other instructions above as well.

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