Bond with the shadows

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To bond with the shadows

To bond with darkness and shadows

First you must sit in a very dark room. In order for this to work you MUST have shadows and darkness all around you.

1.For about 15 to 20 minutes think about only darkness. This helps your mind stay on track. When you think you have it down you may begin.

2.Sit in a meditative pose.

3.Close your eyes and imagine you. Only you in a place where you can see you and black all around you. Imagine the darkness closing in on your body. Make it look like it is consuming you whole. After your whole body has been (Consumed) you may picture your body but every detail of it black. Not even your clothing or your eyes.

4.Open your eyes and get out of meditative pose. You are now bonded with the darkness. Or you Might be. It all depends on the person and your belief of it working.

If this ''spell'' does not work please message me saying so. I will try to help you work it out.

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