Purification Ceremony *Ritual*

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To cleanse and charge your alter tools - by ThornyRose

Place your instruments on your altar. Light a plain white candle (unscented), this represents purity, and recite the following ritual:

O Instruments, I conjure thee by the power of the heavenly host
And by the elements Of Fire, Wind, Earth And Rain
That thou shalt be clean of foul creatures
And obtain every virtue unto thyselves
And work in all manners directed from this time on
By the splendor of the planets
And the Divine Miracle of Creation
Mote It Be!

Sprinkle your instruments with consecrated salt and cover them with a piece of clean linen (do not use any other fabric). All your equipment is now charged with positive energy and is ready to be used. If you add any new products please repeat the ceremony for these items...you do not want any outside, negative influences affecting your magick!

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