Astral Plane.

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Other Humans. During projection, you might meet with other human astral projectors. They may be passing through to the afterlife, or consciously projecting-- but it might also be unconscious, as in some dreams.

The human astrals bound to the lower astral, even after their physical bodies have passed, can be a little trickier. If you see them when you're not projecting, some say not to mind them because they're not actual people, but memories or energetic imprints held in the fabric of the ether. Others say they repeat the last moments of their lives because they are trapped in the moment of their death, and can be freed by telling them how much time has passed, how the danger of death is over, and that they may progress to the higher astral if they wish. Sometimes, these ghosts have the full knowledge that they're dead, but choose to stay for some reason or other.

Void People. This is a fairly common sighting for people delving into the occult, but nobody seems to know what they are because the sight of them can be so frightening. At least two accounts of the void children describe them as minions of, or at least accompanying, a larger void presence who is usually female. One account concluded this presence was the dark aspect of the Wiccan goddess, the other merely an angry air elemental (more on Elementals below.)

Spirit Guides. The spiritual aspect of magick can seem untrustworthy for some, who would like to realize their own power and use magick more as a technology. That has its place, but on the higher astral if you're ready to meet them, your spirit guides may appear. Your astral self might have known them all your life and beyond, or it might take a little more integration to get to know them. They are meant to help you become better at living your more mundane life, and can even give you magical training that you can't get on earth.

Negs. A psionic term for any bad entity you might encounter on the astral,but generally agreed to be thoughtforms. That is, forms from your own thoughts rather than a truly independent entity. The astral is experienced as very suggestible, so to think of something like a monster could very well bring a monster into being.

If they have not yet found expression in action, you may consider them as simply mirrors of your darker self. Explore your dark side, and any problems these negs cause should be resolved. If they have grown independent, on the other hand, you may deal with them as you may deal with any unpleasant entity or force: with a banishing or cleansing of the space, and from then on try to keep cleansed and grounded.

Elementals (lower astral). In the astral, as on the physical, you grow where you're planted. Elementals manifest in dominion of a certain primal force, or Element. These can be the classical elements: goblins of the earth, undines of water, sylphs of air, salamanders of fire... but some beings are earthbound elementals with dominion over more than one element. Many beings from folklore can be classed as earthbound elementals.

Proceed in human-elemental relations with as much caution and respect as you would in any strange land. There are many ways of elementals that are not common to humans and can even be harmful, but they do have skills and knowledge unique to them that would greatly assist a mage.

Elementals (higher astral).
-High Priest Sofian.

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