To Overcome Writer's Block

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Exactly what it says.

Items needed: Pens or pencils A notebook A large candle Cast a proper circle before doing any magickal work. Place the pens or pencils in front of the altar, on top of the notebook. Have the candle, unlit, sitting on the altar between the Goddess and the God candles. After the invocations, say: "Mother Goddess, I ask of you to allow me to inhibit your Cauldron of Inspiration! Forge me into a writer. Prick my mind and soul with poetry. Fill me with my commitment to my writing! This I ask of you. So mote it be!" Take up a pen and say: "I do affirm and announce: I am a writer! I am a writer of poetry, short stories, great literature. I am a writer of letters, articles, essays, journals, diaries. I write for the Goddess. I write for me." Take up the notebook and write your feelings about what you have just said. Take up the candle and say: "This candle I will light for inspiration. When guidance is needed, I shall light this candle for the Mother and write by the flame. Any blocks I face in my writing shall be lifted by the lighting of this candle. So mote it be!" Replace the candle on the altar and close the circle. Later, if writer's block ever hits, light the candle for guidance and inspiration.

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