Creativity Ritual

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A ritual to boost your creativity skills.

you will need: salt green candle olive oil yellow candle small pot of earth pencil & paper bowl of water handful of pinto beans,flower seeds,or easily sprouting seeds(mung beans work well) Creativity incense(basil,clove,ginger,hyssop,verbena or dry coffee grounds) 1 or 2 fertilizer sticks scissors Instead of casting a formal circle,cast a triple one made of salt,say: "For the Goddess." on the second pass,say: "For the God" on the third,say: "For the Muse". Stand in the center of your and facing te appropriate directions,informally invite invite the Elements to join you & lend their energies.Anoint the Green candle with the olive oil ,say: "Green is the color of verdant growth. It nourishes my core. It brings fertile riches to my life and makes my spirit soar" Anoint the Yellow Candle (w/the olive oil),light it and, say: "Cometo me spirit of the Muse, Renew my spirit and soul. Grant me productivity. Make me new & whole." Place a drop of oil on te incense and,say: "Fire and herb and smoke and Air, Fused together well,Grant your essence unto me And aid me in this spell". While focusing on removing the barreness from your creative self,take the pot of Earth(Soil) and tillit well with your fingers,smoothing out each clump until it is smooth...Chant over and over: "I am the Child of the Goddess. I am the Child of the God. Their energies live within me and nourish the spiritual sod That before has laid so dry and cracked- but now is soft & fine- and lies ready for the planting Of the seeds of the Divine". When the soil is ready.Us yor pencil & paperto make a list of problems contributing to your creativity block.Cross out each problem and in a column beside it write the opposite (ex: Too much noise Quiet) Take a bean or seed and plunge it into the bowl of water saying something like: "I cleanse myself of______(Problem) I wash it all away. I replace it now with___________(Opposite) Which is here to stay". Remove the seed/bean from the water & say: "You are now the Quality of_________(opposite) and contain all elements thereof". Plant the seed into the pot of Earth(soil)..Go through your entire list in this manner.Push the Fertilizer sticks into the pot,water te seeds well & say: "As I fetilize these seeds, so is my center nourished". Visualize the seeds sprouting and growing into lush,healthy plants..After a moment of reflection say: "Grow little seeds,for as you do Your qualities will grow in me. Our ground id fertile,our roots grow strong. This is my Will,So mote it be!" Cut you list in half and burn in the incense burner,symbolicly rmoving your obstacles forever from your life!Fold the remaining paper( with your solutions) several times(nine if you can!)and "Plant" them in your pot of Earth(soil). Thank the Elements for their help,bid them farewell,Know that your problems are gone and your creative self has been recharged! Thank the Goddess,the God and the Muse..Close your Circle as usual..

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