A Pact With the Devil ( According to Le Dragon Rouge)

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It is what the title says it is...

1. Say "Emperor Lucifer, master of all rebellious spirits, I beseech thee be favorable to me in the calling which I make upon thy great minister, Lucifuge Rofocale, having desire to make a pact with him. I pray thee also, Prince Beelzebub, to protect me in my undertaking. O Count Ashtoreth! Be propitious to me, and cause that this night the great Lucifuge appear unto me in human form and without any evil smell, and that he grant me, by means of the pact which I shall deliver to him, all the riches of which I have need. O great Lucifuge, I beseech thee leave thy dwelling in whatever part of the world it may be, to come and speak with me; if not I will thereto compel thee by the power of the mighty words of the great Clavicle of Solomon, whereof he made use to force the rebellious spirits to accept his pact. Appear, then, instantly, or I will continually torment thee by the might words of the Clavicle!" 2. If the spirit replies: " I cannot grant thy demand but on condition thou give thyself at the end of twenty years so that I do with thee, body and soul, what shall please me." 3. Show the devil the pact you have written using your own blood. It should say: I promise, Great Lucifuge, to repay him in twenty years for all he shall give me. In witness whereof I have signed.

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