Aura Colors

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An article that shows the meaning of each color and how it affects your aura.

Auras are the physical manifestation of the electric field surrounding each and every living thing. That is what causes shocks if you touch something metal. Some people have the ability to see these auras, which have different colors depending on the person.

Corresponding colors


Easy to sense a variety of energies.


Physical energy, sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. Warm reds, sensuous or physically charged and healthy.


Friendly, open, approachable.


Intellectual, thinking, working faculties.


Healthy, balanced, calming, charming, sensualness, sensible or conniving.


Intellect but calm, reserved, spiritual, convinced; sometimes an integrated personality exuding charisma.


Spiritual, sensitive, focused but not necessarily in reality.


It is a combination of blue and red, a mixed bag and a spectrum of what it could be.


Physical energy being diffused, hence it is a calming color.

Lime Green

Not many have this color and are balanced; usually stress-related.


Work with this color to get a feel for it. Could be warm rich and well integrated person, or a one who is unhealthy or just to much going on representing stress.


Nothing getting out, shielding or hiding, total absorption. If you feel drained, it could be a "psychic vampire". Otherwise, it may be someone who is very skilled and doesn't want to be noticed, scanned or bothered. Usually the people that are viewed with this color tend to have a more metallic shade. Many people misinterpret them as well.

Mixed shades/colors

Mixed emotions. Stability should be questioned. Generally not based in reality.

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