Let's set up your Internal Sacred Space now...

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1. Find a quiet place where you can sit down and concentrate. Preferably outside on a nice day, but you can also find a quiet place in your house where you feel at peace. Grab a pen and a piece of paper of clean 8 ½ x 11 notebook paper, sit in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. 2. Take a few deep breaths and think of emotional and sacred things in your life. These could be fond memories, certain people in your life, emotions, feelings, important objects, places, etc. If you think of negative things, immediately "sweep" them out of your mind. When you are done, you need to only be left with all of the sacred things in your mind. Relax, and concentrate until you feel you are "ready". When you open your eyes, let your list fall out of your pen and onto the paper. Just let it flow. I want you to write down everything in a list. Be as detailed as you possibly can about each sacred thing you can think of. (Remember, these are sacred things to YOU, and they can be anything that brings positive emotion into your heart) When you are done, turn the paper over. 3. Now, close your eyes again and think of everything that is NOT sacred to you. Think about your biggest long term problems, things that irritate you, things that make you sad. Nobody is perfect, think about your flaws as a person. Think about anything that brings negative emotion into your heart. Once you have brought them all into your mind, open your eyes and write them all down on the back of the same paper. All of these negative things will keep you from creating your sacred space. You will soon find out how to keep them out of your sacred space so that you will have a true place of power within you for spell work. Fold up the paper and get ready for the next step... 4. You've now got your lists. On the front you have a list of things that are "sacred" to you. On the back you have a list of all things that are NOT sacred (the things that bring negative emotions into your heart). Now, you will need to gather a few tools to use to finish the building blocks of your Internal Sacred Space. Gather the following items: * White candle in a holder * Matches, or a lighter * A glass (or ceramic) bowl * A glass of water Set them all up in front of you... 5. When you are ready, light the candle. Let it become your focus. Feel the heat and energy coming from the candle. Visualize it's energy surrounding you, enveloping you in it's light and warmth. Let it's light fill the aura around your body. See this light purifying your energy, filling your heart with it's pure, white glow. After you feel warm and pure from the light of the candle, take the paper and unfold it. 6. Slowly read the list of sacred things aloud. Allow yourself to pause between each one and think deeply on it. When you have gone through your entire list, say the following aloud, and with purpose: "These Sacred things that I see Make them all a part of me Help me raise the energy!" Now visualize each item from your list rising up off of the paper to brighten the white purifying light around you. 7. Next, fold the paper back up without even looking at the list of negative things. Gently hold the folded paper into the fire on the candle (be very careful not to burn yourself or anything around you). Once the paper catches fire, drop it immediately into the bowl. Now say aloud: "Cleanse the Space inside of me And rid all negativity I accept no less - So Mote It Be" 8. Now watch the flames carefully as they burn the rest of the paper while you focus on feeling your positive sacred energy full of grand emotions. Feel the energy again, surrounding you and cleansing your space with white purifying light, filled with all of your sacred things. 9. Pour some water into the bowl to put out the rest of the flames and ash to "cleanse" all the negativity from your space. Now snuff out the candle. You have now set up your basic internal sacred space that you are going to build on in the future. When you first set up your sacred space in this way, do this once a week for 4 weeks to reinforce it and grow the power of your space. (you can write down different things, or the same things every time) Going forward, you are going to want to do this once a month to keep your sacred space clean so that your Magick will work to it's fullest and won't be tainted with negativity.

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