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Sexual Spells

This is a spell to make someone lust for you. It can be quite powerful so take caution when using it. 18 and over please.
Make a relationship more romantic
This is my original spell, do not copy! This spell utilizes darker, more masculine and sexual energies to attract a new love partner, usually male. This is preferably done on a Friday when the Moon Pha
An Advanced Love Spell. Use at your OWN risk.
Amulet-spell for the unfading beauty
Use it to wear yourself on a date. It works either as perfume catnip for a new love interest or as a means of stirring up passion in a longer term relationship. Mail me if it works.
Spell to give offerings to Aphrodite and ask for you to receive her erotic charm.
This spell calls upon Aphrodite the love goddess to enhance your love life and attract someone you love.
This spell invokes the Deity, Aphrodite, to grant blessings of love and affection from your lover.
Find love with this Honey Jar Spell, Reunite with a lost loved one, or if you had a bad break up.
Do you want to spice up the romance in your life? Use Aphrodite's love potion to get the love you want!
Use when you wish to bring someone to you with romantic feelings. A love spell, that may have consequences, if free will is bent.
This spell is mainly for those who enjoy drawing or any other form of art. It will get you anything your heart desire because of the strong intentions and focus that is being drawn out.
This spell is from a book called : The only wiccan spell book you'll fever need. I'm sharing this cause I know some of you can't afford to buy Books online and also cause some of you done own a credit
this is a old spell used in my family for years you can only cast it ONCE a full moon. It will attract people whom you love
This spell will give you a baby.
Use this spell so others can see your true beauty, enhances attraction.
A easy beauty bath.
This spell is to show people your beauties on the outside and inside
In order to bring the beauty of the face and body, the first day of new moon.
A Beltane spell for a solitary witch
A simple Beltane spell.
to have better sex
Makes another persons breasts bigger.
To bind an ungrateful lovers sex drive.
Bind your souls together during the act of sex.
For females butt and boobs will grow!
This is a spell that will help to solidify a relationship you already have, to create a deeper bond between you and a loved one
Grows, inflates and increases both size and volume of your breasts.
Enlarge your breast (girls only).
Gives you female breasts. Works on both genders.
This spell brings the virginity back to someone that lost it.
This spell will bring you someone to love.
The spells primary objective is to attract the ideal mate, not the perfect one, ideal. So, it maybe the person you were fantasizing about all day, or someone you would never expect to be compatible wit
This is a ritual and spell for experienced ones, for any human woman or man, it will help you to summon a succubus or incubus into your life and bed. This ritual and spell goes under the categories of:
This is a ritual and spell for experienced ones, for any human woman or man, it will help you to summon a succubus or incubus into your life and bed. This ritual and spell goes under the categories of:
The title says it all. This spell will bring forth your lover to you.
Change from boy to girl, or vise versa. Must have some experience with biokinesis.
Time to do this spell, night time, this spell makes you luckly in love. This my daughters spell, hope it works.
This is a simple love spell.
Causes target to develop a new erogenous zone more sensitive than the genitals on chosen spot.
This spell is to create the love of your life.
Make another person desire you more than anything.
A spell that calls forth Diana to grant love.
I am a full witch I know this works I have seen it done before, this will attract a lover to you.
A very simple love spell.
I use this spell to spice things up in the bedroom.
This is a spell that will enchant your lover to have more sexual desire to you....
Changing all energy in an building or place to exude, migical love, effection and lust.
A spell to ensure your husband/boyfriend cannot physically cheat on you.
A soft, warm spell for exotic love. This spell can be performed at any time, day or night, but mornings seem to work out best.
This spell serves as an extra measure of contraceptive much like a condom, birth control pill or the Plan B pill.
This is a spell to get someone to fall in love with you.
Use this spell to draw people to yourself.
This spell takes approximately two months to increase your cup size by one size up. Some people may grow twice as fast though, it all depends on how susceptible to the effects you are. I grew one size
a spell to make someone want you
If you have cast other spells to try to stimulate a jaded love affair and they haven't worked, try this one before you give up.
This is a ritual and spell for beginners to magic and experienced ones, for any human woman or man, it will help you to welcome a incubus into your life and bed.
Turns a male into a female for about an hour. Female-Male coming soon.
This spell will change your gender to a girl without calling on any gods.
Can turn you into a girl. Will be permanent but can be reversable, results are slow but effective.
Switches your gender. This is my second spell so if it doesn't work don't blame me. Also (the power spell) if it doesn't work don't blame me. That was my first spell.
Switch Gender for 24hrs or forever.
This will help you get some.
If you do this properly, it should make your crush like you within 24-72 hours.
An oil to make yourself irresistible
Cast this on Halloween and itíll work. Do this to attract your love
This is a friendship spell that turns into a love spell over time.
This article will help you to understand little about incubus, I will teach you how to summon incubus and later how to make him your boyfriend. Categories: Summon, Sexual and Erotic.
Here is a way to summon a Incubus with an Formal Invitation, step by step guide, you'll need all the ingredients for this spell/ritual, you need all the supplies and a quiet room.
Here is a way to make friendship with your Succubus, step by step guide.
This spell can be used to induce lust.
Warning: Extremely potent, Hard to reverse, long lasting. Do not let anyone other than your crush see it or touch it.
Communicate with this Egyptian, Deity, Goddess. Ask her what she can do to help you.
To get to know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior!
How to be more intamit with your partner.
This article is about Lilith and her demonic children.
A spell to make anyone fall head over heels for you.
To bring a lover to you.
This is a spell to draw romantic love to you.
This spell has sexual content. If you find this content offensive leave this spell. I take no reasponsibility for anything that happens because of this spell.
how to make you partner go crazy
Really strong spell that will either force someone to love you or they will die.
My first potion recipe. Of course I am doing it for so long.. This potion is not one of those fake. It's alcohol potion. And if you prepare it properly and give it to your boy, he will jump on you like
There are a few different love potion spells based on the magickal number 9, but this is one of the more traditional ones. It's an easy spell, even though it does have a long list of ingredients.
Poppet ritual that can be used to attract love to you. I haven't tried this yet, if you try it message me the results
An easy way to get a boy or girl to like you.
so if this doesn't work feel FREE to message me and i will fix it.
This is a love spell. Better if the person your putting the spell on is in your site.
This will work if you believe it will just say the spell.
This spell seems to draw many people, even if only one person is specified. The targets drawn, are often obsessed with the practitioner for about 2 months and the passion is intense.
Attract the one you love
This spell let your crush fall in love whit you while you sleep.
Bad Sex? want better? Follow these instructions below. (For guys only)
This spell causes someone to want you with a burning desire.
This spell is too have another lust over you. To desire you. Or have them just wanting you.
Become so irresistable that he/she cant keep your eyes off you.
I did it and my best friend who I like lusted for me so much that he started making out with me in the middle of class and tried to pull me into a 'private' place.
This is a spell powered by the energy in blood. It is to create immediate lust. It is NOT to make someone have sex with you. If your partner isn't ready, you can't change that this way. This is just to
This oil will NOT make someone love you. It will just draw out their feelings for you.
To induce lust and pleasure.
Potion to induce lust: Be careful, this stuff is really potent.
To bring the spark back into the relationship or to start one anew. This Castile soap mix will allow pure love and lust to come to the stagnated relationship. Use for shampoo or body wash. Do this spel
This spell, may only, be performed on Tuesday nights.
This spell makes your little friend a big friend
This is a hoodoo mojo bag, used by only women to bind their mans nature to them. Only to be used if you truly love them, not just want to control them.
Extra details that can be added.
As the title states (be sure this is what you really want; not for the faint at heart)
This love spell is on the cemetery. I recommend that only experienced practitioners of black magic!
A potent, powerful and satisfying love spell to obtain love from someone who you like.
Do you need to find out who your future lover will be? For girls and women. Use the ritual to give offerings, make infusions, and rituals to find love in four days!
This spell might work it takes 2-4 weeks to work but it depends on the person that is doing to spell so please no bad or mean comments.
Chant while imaging your self pregnant.
Recall the dead and talk to them.
You have to be single or at least in an open relationship and just say out loud once the incantation.
This potion does exactly what it says it does, It has BEEN TESTED

I wrote this recipe which I've noticed typically works better, my best advice would be to write your own if it doesn't
call your secret lover
A simple love spell using knots.
This my first love spell it worked for me though you will have to wait 3-4 days for it to work.
This will create an orgasim for those who want to feel the stuff, bug are underage. This will not make you pregnant or stuff, just have a little fun.
A chant to get you a potential mate.
A spell to give you sex.
Often used as a revenge spell for those who have been unfaithful. The end result should cause the target person discomfort in the external sexual organs.
Make a man/woman want to have sex.
This potion you slip in a drink of the person you want to fall in love with you
This is a spell to bring out a religious person inner badself.
This spell is used to summon Jubali into your dreams and ask that he grant you his worldly pleasures. Jubali will submit to you, all his worldly pleasures in a sinful dream of a sexual nature. This d
This potion when done correctly will help enhance your powers of attraction by calling on the power of the sirens.
This is a spell to ask help from the sister sirens. Is a good way to understand if you are a siren too. If your pray is answered then you are a siren. This spell is made by Monicawolf and works great.
Summons a succubus in your sleeping bag.
This spell brings two people together as soulmates. It does not need to include the caster. Special instructions for specialized relationships.
This is a spell to find your soulmate or draw a certain person to you.
make a guy loves you
make a girl loves you
A spell to make you as handsome, or as sought-after, as the god Adonis.
This is the spell that can give you your worldly pleasures and bring love to you. Use this ritual to create love that should exist, but does not. This is a helping hand in nature that creates what th
This spell only works if you are in a love triangle. This spell will sort out the problem in your favor.
Ah, sweet love! A spell to find a soulmate suited to ...
This is a love spell to be done during the spring to attract romance in your direction.
A spell designed to make someone desire you.
spell atracts males or females by love just make girls boys
This is my own spell and it will turn you into a succubus demon. My friend and I tested it out and it works!.
Depending on how experienced you are by casting spells the spell will work after th
Here is a way to summon a succubus with an Formal Invitation, step by step guide, you'll need all the ingredients for this spell/ritual, you need all the supplies and a quiet room.
This article will teach you how to summon a succubus or incubus, you are performing this Succubus/Incubus ritual at your own risk!!! Categories: Invoking, Summon, Sexual and Erotic.
This article will help you to understand little about succubus and incubus, I will teach you how to summon succubus and later how to make them your girl/boyfriend.
Makes your friend into a succubus/incubus to serve you.
To summon something to fulfill your lusty needs!
This is a spell to give you a succubus' tail. Warning: You may experience increased lust towards your lover.
It will help summon an Incubus.
A spell to summon a sexual servant. The summoned is said to appear only to the caster and any it is commanded to appear before by it's master. The servant appears in a form idealized by the caster
A spell to summon a succubus (female) inccubus (male) will not work of gay or lesbian.
There are common misconceptions about Succubi, some people think Succubi are evil and sinister. This isn't true, all succubi are different and there are actually a large number of good succubi.
Call a succubus to fulfill your sexual desires.
I actually got this from a book. This is not my kind of thing! But I decided to put it up for the people who want it.
A spell to summon a succubus.
This will teach you how to summon a Incubus easy and safe for beginners.
This will teach you how to summon a Incubus easy and safe for beginners. note: I do not recommend you to summon.
SPELL SUMMARY: This will teach you how to summon a Incubus easy and safe for beginners. note: I do not recommend you to summon.
The ability to call upon the presence of sexual spirits, more commonly known as succubus/incubus.
This will teach you how to summon a Succubus easy and safe for beginners.
This will teach you how to summon a Succubus easy and safe for beginners. note: I do not recommend you to summon.
This will teach you how to summon a Succubus easy and safe for beginners. note: I do not recommend you to summon
This is a spell where you can summon a incubus or hot lady succubus for your needs i should say also one thing incubus does not work if gay .
This tea increases feelings of lust when made
To attract the women or men attracted to the darkness.
Remembr when casting this spell that it is not directed at another person but at you, making you the centre of their romantic interest. The spell should be cast on a Friday, the day linked to Venus, at
Used for finding a partner of the opposite gender. This I did not make. This spell i got from a book called "Book Of Love Spells" unknown author
to stop a woman from ever having kids
Only use with your partners permission, as it could be seen as tempering with free will.
This spell is to make a man more passionate in bed, as in having sex.
This spell is to summon a lover. It can be used on any night, but when casting you must be overwhelmed with a feeling of love and lust.
A call to the realm of the bloodsuckers.
An incantation to the beautiful moving mother Venus. For a twin flame, works for all genders/ sexual orientations

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