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how to ground and centre yourself using the mother earth!!

* start by standing up as straight as possible, head slightly tilted back, taking in a few deep breaths - through your nose (if you can)- trying to push your belly out as you inhale.

* hold it for a few seconds... then slowly release... keep your lips slightly apart as you exhale.

* With every exhale, feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into a deep state of relaxation.... deeper and deeper into a pleasant state of calm..

* Keep breathing in this way for a few more breaths (between 2&5 breaths. reamining comfortable)

* Now when you feel relaxed and ready move onto the next step..

* Take another deep breathe, drawing in deep and strong energy from the earth, up thorugh your sole of your left foot as you inhale.. through your entire body..

* As you exhale drawing out that energy through your right foot.. leaving you feeling calm, empowered and ready for magick..


* Imagine you are an ancient tree, feeling yourself planted on holy ground

* Sink you roots deep into darkness of the Earth, feeling the coolness of the earth, the rocks beneathe you as you go deeper into the Earth

* As your roots sink deeper into the soil you reach the fiery mantle of molton core and you feel the throbbing crystalline iron heart of our mother earth.

* With each beat the sensation is drawn up through your roots and with the throbbing you feel the warmth from the molton, filling you with magick and warming your heart.

* Now stretch yor branches up into the sky, way up into heavens reaching towards the light of the sun.

* As you reach the sun un curl your leaves to receive the Solar Father.

* Now go beyond into the stars, letting your conciousness flow through the twigs embrassing the universe, absorbing different lights and blazing energies.

* Once you have gained all of that draw it down into your body, letting it enfuse every cell, letting it illuminating your mind and flooding your heart with light.

* as your whole body is filled with the wonders and energies of the universe and magick, you are now in the centre of the universe.

* Take a deep breath and exhale, Enjoy :)


my roots go down,

down into the ground

my roots go down

I am a redwood by the forest

My roots go down,

Down into the ground

My roots go down

I am a willow by the water

My roots go down,

Down into the ground

My roots go down

I am an Oak tree by a hill

My roots go down,

Down into the ground

My roots go down.

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