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In metaphysical terms, programming a crystal is to store an energy pattern in a crystal. The energy pattern programmed into the crystal can be any thought, color, emotion, sound, or any other vibration. The vibrational pattern is stored in the crystal until it is purposefully cleared out.

This is one way to program a crystal so that you or someone else can benefit later from the energy pattern programmed into it. If you have a different method you prefer, use it. I don't believe there is one way to do it, but rather many, and you should choose the one(s) that suit you best.

Needed to Program Your Crystal:


??Clear Intent - Know what you want to program the crystal to do.

??Focused Action - This method is one focused action.

Step One - Clear your crystal with whatever method you prefer, and sit down with your crystal at your personal altar or in a place that you're not likely to be disturbed while you are programming your crystal. .

Step Two - Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (right hand if right handed) and clear your mind of unrelated thoughts. Start to focus on your intention for the programming of your crystal.

Step Three - Focus on your intention for your crystal by saying descriptive words aloud. For instance, if you want to program your crystal to bring peace of mind, start repeating the words "peace of mind" over and over again. A whisper is fine if a normal tone of voice would attract distracting attention from others.

Step Four - Repeat your intent verbally into your non-dominant hand, then place that hand over your crystal to push the vibrations into the crystal.

Step Five - Continue holding the crystal and repeating your intention until it feels as though the vibrations have sunk into the crystal fully. If necessary, repeat step four.

Once your intuition tells you or you have a sense that the crystal has accepted the vibrations, open your hands and thank the crystal. The crystal is now programmed.

This method can also be used with tumbled stones, spheres, polished crystals, and natural chunks of minerals, as well as natural crystals.

To retrieve and use the programming, simply rub the crystal while asking (silently or out loud) for its programming to be released.

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