Werewolf and Vampires

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Clearing things up.

Lycanthropy is not the ability to change or "shape shift" into a wolf or wolf/human beast. It is a mental disorder that occurs in some humans. It causes humans to have visions that they have become a wolf. But it is only their mind playing tricks on them and causing illusion for a period of time. You would have a memory of being turned into a wolf and you would feel that you were a wolf but in reality you would just look like you are going crazy. Being a vampire is not dying in sunlight and having to drink blood to live. It is a couple of different medical problems. 1. Your skin is just more sensitive to UV-rays then most peoples and burns more often. 2. the craving blood is because your blood does not carry enough oxygen and iron to the vital parts of your system.

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Sep 28, 2019
This article is in need of some editing, though it appears to be on the right track, explaining the two and the medial explanations for them in our reality. look into hypotrichosis and porphyria.

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