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A tea ceremony with divination.


Tea is enjoyed across many cultures including Japan, India, China, Russia, France, Morocco, and North America to name a few.

Add to that the medicinal properties of edible herbs and flowers, and the different types of teas available number many. There are blends from roses, mints, basil, and chamomile.

Adding in different spices for flavoring and aiding in health further produces original blends. Below is a tea ceremony practiced alongside divination, for a truly divine experience.

Tea Ceremony, Rune Drawing:

Fill a kettle with water, add in your preferred tea in bags, or a tea ball. Make certain you use the correct amount of herbs, or tea bags. Bring the kettle to a boil, it is best to use a medium heat setting on your burner. While the tea brews you will want to set your space for ceremony. On a clean flat surface, such as a tray or tabletop, place an incense of your choosing; along with an appropriate holder.

You will need a knowledge of Runes, a list of Runes and their meaning will be of use. You will need as well, a bag of Runes ready for use nearby. When the tea is brewed and ready, you will fix your tea as you like it in a cup; and bring the cup over to your surface or tabletop.

You will need either a coffee stirrer or toothpick. From your list of Runes, you will pick a Rune that best represents your question for divination. With this Rune in mind, you will draw its image into your tea.

Now, it is time to relax and enjoy a few sips of your tea. You may meditate a couple of minutes if you like. Enjoy a few more minutes of your ceremony. Light the incense if you have not already. Now, pull a Rune from your bag in answer to, and to further clarify, your question. Enjoy more tea if you like.

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