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A short article on some of the different ways to raise your energy and enhance spell power

Hey there guys! Here are some of the ways I've discovered to increase a spell's power:-

1. Listen to Music:- Play music. Music is the greatest language of the soul, and it is easy to use. Just put on your favourite song, and let it raise your energy. And for an extra, extra boost, use music that is connected to your spell. Maybe you're casting a love spell, if you want new love, than play something like that. Or it's a revenge spell, than play angry or aggressive music.

2. Play music:- Take out that guitar or keyboard gathering dust in the attic and just play! Let loose (Just don't annoy the hell out of everyone living with you!)

3. Take power from other sources. Ask gods, goddesses, and the elements, or even the universe for assistance! These are usually great sources of magical power

4. Cleanse yourself with a spell or ritual

These are just some of the ways I've found really help with my magic. Hope this helps you, thanks for reading and goodbye!

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Sep 12, 2020
For the music, I find that the song 'Black Magic' is very good for getting your head into witch mode

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