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This is a personal ritual that I created to honor the Goddess Bast. Feel free to use it when working with this deity.


  • Associations: Felines, women, childbirth, and protection.

  • Incense: Myrrh, Sandalwood, Musk.

  • Offerings: Catnip, rose petals, lavender, sweet wines, floral perfumes.



“Lady Bast, divine one. Protectress of Ra and the lands of Kemet, I invoke thee.

Goddess of dance, revelry, and feminine energies, I call to thee.

Lady of cats, fertility, and the birthchamer, I invoke thee and ask you to be here with me.

Come forth, and join me this day, I ask of thee.”


Ritual of Thanks to the Goddess:

  • Cast your circle.

  • Light you altar candle and incense.

  • Invoke Bast.

Stand before your altar, bell in one hand and an offering for the Goddess in the other. Slowly ring the bell, starting at your altar, and working your way around the circle in a clockwise motion. As you move around the circle, say the following:

“Lady Bast, on this day I (or we) give thanks to you. You are a guiding force in my (or our) life. Your light guides me (us) out of darkness and protects us in troubled times. Be praised! Great one of women and felines, be praised! Protectress of Ra and children, be praised!” 

When you are back in front of your altar, place the offering on the altar and say:

“Lady Bast, please accept this offering as my (our) show of thanks. Please continue to watch over me (us) and being my (our) guiding light.”

You can then meditate on the energy of the Goddess or your connection and relationship with her. You can also have a small meal, in celebration of your work and connection to her as well.

When you are ready, thank Bast for her presence and time spent with you. 

Release your circle, and return your offerings to the earth. 

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