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A Qareen (Qarin literally means: constant companion)

A Qareen [Qarin literally means constant companion] .

What is a Qareen , if you watched Hollywood movies, you might have seen the angel and devil standing on the shoulder of human, where the angel gives good advice and the devil giving out the bad advice? Well, a Qareen is a devil on the shoulder, however, it's an Arabic word used in the Quran and according to some opinion, Qareen is Satanic / Devilish.

Do not confuse Qareen with Qarinah. Qarinahis is a different entity.

Qareen is classified among the Jinn-type creatures, although usually not actually a Jinn.

Qareen can be summoned.


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Jun 02, 2019
Is it really possible to summon the mini devil on your shoulder?

Jun 02, 2019
Firstly the devil (Qarin) won't appear directly on your shoulder nor will you be able to see it, however, after doing the ritual (there's more than one ritual) you should be able to hear it whisper in a soft voice.

Jun 02, 2019
Thanks for replying so is the whisper going to be in my ear(s) or telepathic whispers?.

Jun 03, 2019
It will be telepathically, therefore, practicing meditations is necessary if you cannot sit down quietly in the dark and if you cannot clear your mind you will not be able to do this.

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