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Talk to a dead person of your choice.

Taking a stalk of Yew Wood to a cemetery, select the grave of a person with whom you wish to speak. Bury the stalk in the earth of the person's grave, and leave there for the space of one full moon, from new moon to new moon. On the second new moon, return to the grave, remove the wand and carve the deceased's name on it. This then may be used to call upon the deceased, who will come and answer your questions for you.


the dead are often confused and some times angry be careful stay in side your pentagram!!

ask easy questions (don't ask what death is like).

warning: for necromancers and sorcerers only!!!


this ritual will give you the ability to talk to the dead for 5 minutes BE CAREFUL spirits might get mad.

items needed white and black candles, chalk to draw a pentagram,a person, and a full moon.

draw a pentagram and sit in the middle of it. then, put the white candle in the top of the pentagram and put the black at the bottom of it. then say this chant with a full moon - I ask the heavens and those below to let me speak to (say persons full name correctly) for 5 minutes


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Jan 07, 2024
How i can be necromancer or draw pentagram its hard to me

Jan 07, 2024
The drawing of pentagram, or any other sigil or symbol, is a matter of practice. Draw it over and over on scrap paper or in sand (where it is easy to smooth put and draw again) or on any other medium.

As for practicing necromancy (or any other form of magic), you just choose to study and do it. If you want to focus on acts of divination or communion by calling on the influence and help of the dead, and/or work towards mediumship and similar practices? Then collect books, read, learn, and put what you find into practice.

Jan 10, 2024

The answer to both is practice. Necromancy will require more effort as you need to research it, then attempt it, reflect on how it went, learn from mistakes, and try again. Pentagrams, just draw them. Go slow. Watch a tutorial and keep doing it until you can quickly draw one.


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