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This is an informative article that will show beginners around this site.

To all of our newest members of (or the Spell Casters coven), welcome! We greatly appreciate new beginners to magic! In this site, we all treat each other as a family, so make yourself at home! I will show you around the site to know what each tab at the top is about.


HOME: The home page shows the most highest rated spells, articles, forum postings and much others. This can help you learn a little more about this site.

SPELLS: Our spells section, is the big list of spells. Who makes the spells? If you're in the coven "Spell Casters" (like how I am), then the spell you put up on the site will be somewhere, if you put it in a specific section.

ARTICLES: We have a lot of articles from many covens, even old covens! Articles can help you learn more about a specific topic you click on.

VIDEOS: We have lots of videos, too! They can also help you gain a perspective on how to do a ritual or a spell.

FORTUNES: You can get your fortune read there, numerology, tarot, horoscopes, and more! Go and check it out!

GROUPS: This is where the covens come in. There are several covens you can join, and the members of the coven can be willing to help you out with any questions you have.

FORUMS: This is where we usually post our questions and other members reply to it to help you answer your question. So, if you have a question (that's not in the FAQ's), go ahead, try it!

MEMBERS: This section shows you the members that are online, and I'm online everyday, I never sign out since I keep this page open. It also shows you the moderators online, too!

FAQS: Our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) has lots of questions that have been asked. If you look at the whole list of FAQ's, it's over 400 questions asked. I mean it! So, maybe if you go to the FAQ's, it might answer a question you could have.

PROFILE: Your profile shows up when you click the "Profile" tab. It shows you bio, location, birthday, and when you were last seen. (The location and birthday can be private)

MAIL: Shows all you unread mail, or if you click on the "Default" on your left, it shows all the mail that have been sent to you and also that have been replied back.

SIGN OUT: This one is pretty obvious, you just click on it, and sign out.

EXTRA: Continuing on, I'll dig in deeper about going around this site. SOM has a online shop with gemstones, amulets, books, and so much more! If you just like to look around, go ahead! I like to do that, too! On your left, you should see a "Live chat" where it has "Launch fullscreen chatter", and "Launch webcam chatter". You can chat with other members who are logged in the chat. But, you must agree to the chatter rules before chatting. On your profile, click on "Settings". You can put you horoscope, the current moon phase (important if you do spells), favorite spells, and so much more! So, try it out! 

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Last edited on Jan 03, 2020
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