Hell gates and real immortality for real witches

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By travelling hell gates one at a time again and again witches can obtain immortality. And if they pass the 7th gate they may glance at heaven if they would be welcomed after. You cannot die permanently on the first 2 gates. You can travel together many do. The Egyptians did not though.

Open the gates. Use the spell googamay kyran to raise items or path ways. Googamay dyna for the objects to move down. Hydro frost may be used for a pathway. Pyro has more power to it than the word fire as of time of use. And I used it traveling every gate. Photo is Latin as well. Can be used to teleport but you should stay in the first gate training until you have fully strengthened in the first gate. You may die but never on earth unless you die after the third gate. Same as if you have pass the fourth you won't die in the forth gate there are fourteen gates of this planet. The last is mine. As you advance I can teach better spells but it drains energy from your body to get too exhausted can kill in reality. you using a spell too strong to handle. Geo can cause cause earthquakes. Mirage an illusion. Fajeer is a vampiric movement spell.

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Oct 30, 2019
Rantings of a lunatic? You cannot enter hells gates, even if you do believe in the place, at best you can astral project into a demonic realm, but you cannot physically go to hell.

Aug 15, 2021
You can physically go to Hell. I've been there, Satanists took me there and they tortured me, had the skin along my spine fileted off slowly. It was a gangsterish version of Hell, fine women, gangsters and cars and rappers that were/are famous.

Aug 16, 2021
Roleplaying is against site rules. The majority of Satanists don't actually worship the devil. They're secular humanists who use Lucifer as a symbol of rebellion, not a source of evil to take down all that is good. [most don't even believe in a heaven or hell, but that this is the only life we have and shouldn't waste it]

Aug 16, 2021
@ Infinity111 I suggest you stop reading Q-Anon posts. The misinformation spread about Satanists and The Satanic Temple is dangerous. Satanists are good people. The term ''Satanist'' is scary thanks to misinformation. The last thing anyone wants or needs is another Satanic Panic, which we are on the verge of once more. You cannot physically go to hell. You can take a spiritual journey, and that is it.

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