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This article is about Neko and how it is to be one. Also about Werewolves and how it is to be one.

Okay you probably read that this article is about Neko and werewolves, it is.

So first I'm going to tell you about how it to be a Neko. When you're a Neko it is hard if you're not naturally born one. You have to get used to staying on your toes. With different colored eyes, better hearing and eyesight. You will have ears, a tail and possibly cat teeth and claws. Be careful to hide your tail and ears!

Being a werewolf isn't all that hard considering you only have two forms. Wolf and Human. But some have three Human, Wolf and hybrid; a mix between human and wolf. And I have to say also a savage beast. You're lucky if you can control yourself in wolf form and super lucky if you even have little control over your werewolf self. Be careful on full moons, as they do sometimes provoke undesired transformation. Remember always try not to kill anybody.

Happy Hunting (in both Neko and Werewolf Form).

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Mar 25, 2019
Please note that you cannot physically transform into a Neko or Werewolf, or hybrid.

Mar 28, 2019
Neko is Japanese for cat, it's not a cat girl you see in anime. Either way physical transformation is impossible, I just get really annoyed with people thinking ''neko'' is ''catgirl'' [its a ''nekomimi'' or ''cat ear'']

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