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Translate your spells into Catholicism.

Ok so we've all heard of those Christian Wiccans.

Here are some basic translations of some words that may be used that allow a loophole of the (Ten Commandment)

"There shall be no other gods before me". Because if you use the same figures, there are no other gods! 

"The Lord" - Jesus "The Lady" - the Virgin Mary

"The Gods" -the Holy Spirit

This list is currently short but I'll lengthen it later.

Added to on Jun 13, 2013
Last edited on Jul 11, 2019
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Nov 10, 2019
I understand the premise of the article but I disagree because the term Christian Wiccan doesn’t make sense. They are two believe systems. The term you’re looking for is Christian Witchcraft. Wiccans have their own deities and should not be confused with the Christian deity.

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