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Without color, what would life be like? There would be no differential in what we saw, or if we could see at all. Color is created by the different frequencies and wavelengths of light, which is then perceived by our eyes and transmitted to our brain. By adding color correspondences to our practices, we can utilize these frequencies and wavelengths to not only influence our workings, but everyday life as well. In fact, it has been shown that certain colors can affect our emotions and thoughts. Standing in a blue room for example will calm the mind and body, while yellow will make our minds anxious. If we can successfully utilize these colors, then we can use them to our advantage. Below are a few correspondences that can apply when using anything with color.


  • Used for purity, spirituality, peace, comfort, safety, freedom, connecting with higher self, enlightenment, virginity, & cleansing
  • Associated with the Moon, Pisces, & Crown chakra
  • Impacts the brain, pineal gland, & semen
  • Represents death & morning in some cultures
  • Can substitute other colors


  • Used for romantic love, affection, self-love, sex, exercise, surgery, morality, emotions, homosexuality, peace, compassion, & friendship
  • Associated with Venus & feminine energies
  • Impacts the muscles
  • (Peach) Used for truth & balance
  • (Rose) Used for maintaining health & passion


  • Used for strength, courage, power, warmth, passion, renewal, combat, confrontation, hunting, health, energy, & sex
  • Associated with fire, Aries, Scorpio, Mars, masculine energies, & the Root chakra
  • Impacts the bones, teeth, nails, blood, colon, rectum, & prostate
  • Aids with treating cancer, wounds, coldness, & depression


  • Used for attraction, stimulation, material gain, kindness, harvest, control, strength, authority, luck, & ambition
  • Associated with fire, Sun, Leo, Sagittarius, & the Sacral chakra
  • Impacts the pelvis, kidneys, bladder, uterus, lymph, adrenalin, sperm, & digestive system
  • Aids with treating digestive system, immune system, chest & kidney diseases


  • Used for intellect, creativity, memory, productivity, prosperity, beauty, life, communication, & mental agility
  • Associated with air, Mercury, Taurus, Libra, & Solar Plexus chakra
  • Impacts the spine, lower back, gall bladder, liver, spleen, pancreas, & digestive system
  • Aids with treating dermatitis & skin problems


  • Used for abundance, emotional balance, trust, fairies, rebirth, fertility, good luck, change, alliances, grace, gardening, harmony, finances, artistic ability, improvements, & growth
  • Associated with earth, Mercury, Venus, Cancer, Aquarius, & Heart chakra
  • Impacts the spine, upper back, shoulders, breasts, lungs, heart, respiratory system, & circulatory system
  • Aids in treating broken bones & tissue growth
  • (Emerald) Used for attracting love & social interactions
  • (Dark Green) Used for ambition, greed, & jealousy


  • Used for truth, insight, religion, philosophy, inspiration, protection, expansion, horses, research, studying, wisdom, harmony, power, psychic protection, health, & understanding
  • Associated with water, Jupiter, Moon, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, feminine energies, & Throat chakra
  • Impacts neck, throat, thyroid, lungs, ears, & brain
  • Aids in treating burns, fever, bleeding, & anxiety
  • (Turquoise) Used for prosperity, healing, & growth
  • (Light Blue) Used for meditation, tranquility, peace, & spirituality
  • (Royal Blue) Used for loyalty, joviality, laughter, & influence
  • (Indigo) Used for peace, tranquility, deep meditation, & divine work


  • Used for successful finances, memory, intelligence, psychic ability, the occult, communication, writing, ambition, progress, spiritual ability, astrology, & gaining status
  • Associated with Mercury, Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Gemini, Sagittarius, & 3rd Eye chakra
  • Impacts the face, bones, eyes, ears, pituitary gland, nervous system, & respiratory system
  • Aids in treating pain, bones, Epilepsy, Rheumatism,  & deep tissue work
  • (Lavender) Used for intuition, dignity, shields, & spiritual healing
  • (Orchid) Used for happiness, energy, & healing
  • (Magenta) Used for exorcism, rituals, quick results, & spiritual healing
  • (Violet) Used for divine freedom & removing negative karma


  • Used for increasing self esteem, security, animal magick, kitchen magick, generosity, concentration, focus, telepathy, harvests, grounding, & endurance
  • Associated with earth, Scorpio, & Capricorn


  • Used for protection, balance, divination, creation, cleansing negativity, rebirth, karma, death, sacrifice, justice, debts, elders,  absorbing energies, patience, binding, manifestation, truth, & divine work
  • Associated with Saturn
  • Impacts the teeth & bones


  • Used for solving complex problems & removing negative influences
  • Represents all encompassing balance
  • Associated with spirit


  • Used for justice, careers, healing illnesses, & attracting positivity
  • Associated with the Sun & masculine energies


  • Used for channeling, memory, past life regression, astral energies, telepathy, dreams, & clairvoyance
  • Associated with the Moon & feminine energies
  • Aids in treating disease, cancer, & blood


  • Used for business, careers, finances, & professional growth

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