Same Mood Spell

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This spell helps you feel others feeling. Items: A rose petal A friend A calm mind

You and your friend hold each end of the rose petal. You and your friend close your eyes. Chant: "Oh spirit of feelings, help me feel another's feelings". Results should come soon. Note: A hard spell to master.

Added to on Apr 06, 2013
Last edited on Feb 01, 2019
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Mar 20, 2021
This does not belong in the articles. It is not a hard spell to master, it is an incomplete spell and any results are because you used a large amount of energy and focus to push past the fact it does not work to achieve your goal. There is no ''spirit of feelings'' and unless your have empathetic abilities, a spell will not give you anothers feelings. If you are an empath, or have strengthen these abilities, be sure you set boundaries, shield, and cleanse regularly so you are not overwhelmed and left drained.

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