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Ways to better your life


I would like to give some tips on using magickal practices to make your life a bit better:

  • Meditate frequently (I cannot stress this enough)
  • Make a chi ball every once in a while to keep your energy from becoming stagnant
  • Center at least once a week
  • Put a protection sigil, charm, rune, etc. to keep house clean of evil spirits (try placing the rune Algiz on door)
  • Try to keep your chakras balanced.
  • (Not really magick) Keep your Cicadian rhythm intact. look that up if you don't know what that is.

Because, how can we be a good home for our souls if we don't clean up every once in a while?


(These are less magick related but just as if not more important.)

  • Try to eat healthier, don't starve yourself, but don't gorge either. (keep that 30lb. hamburger off of the menu please .)
  • Play brain games, like crosswords or Tetris to keep your mind in full ability.
  • Yet again, meditate. It is the biggest gift you can give yourself.
  • Astral project; but not too often, it is mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausting.
  • Read, whether it be an old textbook, or your favorite novel, read, it is good for you for goodness' sake!

Do not:

  1. Meditate, sporadically or never
  2. Keep your living space dirty
  3. Sleep too late or stay up too late, (a full grown adult should only need 8-9 hrs. of sleep)
  4. Hold guilt, grudges, strife, ect. against anyone, especially yourself.
  5. "Forget" to do what you know is right for yourself and others; it will come back and bite you in the rear.


  1. Daydreaming is also really helpful when it comes to visualization so feel free to do that.
  2. Knowledge has never hurt anyone so learn as much as you can in your life.
  3. Stay balanced in every aspect of your life so you will feel complete
  4. Do not shield more than necessary or you might feel detached from the world around you
  5. Be aware of everything..even the smallest flower has a vibrating energy circling it. Get attuned with nature.
  6. I recommend an exercise. any kind even yoga.
  7. Also, a form of art. We are witches we are open to energies and feelings most people aren't we need a form to express ourselves so all these feelings won't get overwhelming. (Grounding helps but trust me an art does as well so we can express the inside) so draw, write, dance, anything at all. Someone doesn't have to be Picasso as long as he/she enjoys doing it.

I hope that reading this helps you to make the correct decisions for yourself to make you the best person you can be.

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