Hekate Invocation

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This is a true ritual to invoke Hekate in all her misunderstood glory. :P

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Jan 26, 2021
Can i please see this ritual i need an to invoke hekate

Mar 03, 2021
You don't need this ritual to invoke Hekate. Call her, ask her to come, and leave out offerings for her. If you leave near cross-roads, make your offerings there. I don't, so I use the gaps in my tile floor as places to keep offerings. Pray to her and give her offerings, make her understand your situation. However, if she declines to help, accept it. If she declines, first look at yourself. If you can find nothing that seems offending to her, then see what you're asking. If it's something about love, than Aphrodite may be a better goddess to call upon. Wisdom or studies would be Athena. However, don't just order them around. They're like people, it takes time to build a relationship with them, and they won't help you with small stuff. If you're being chased by an abuser, than perhaps Hecate will come to your aid, or you could call upon Hera as well. However, if you call upon her because you can't go to a concert you want to go to, then she likely won't do anything. She isn't petty, nor are any of the other gods and goddesses in the Greek, or any other Pantheon.

Mar 03, 2021
If she does come, pray to her, maybe praise her a bit and make your request. Make sure it is a request. She is a powerful goddess who deserves your respect and will not listen to you if you don't give her said respect. I don't mean bowing to her, but treat her as you would any other stranger (or friend, depending on your current relationship with her), politely

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