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A Nordic ritual to honor the fallen warriors, as well as call upon Freyja, Freyr, and Odin.

Note: This ritual is meant to be done in the month of November. It is a time to honor fallen warriors.  You may wish to sacrifice a feast before beginning the ritual: cookies, cakes, whatever you find to be appropriate.


Burner and incense


Chalice of water

Chalice of wine


4 Elemental candles



Begin by placing a white candle in the cauldron with a red candle on the left side and a black one on the right. Use something, whether it be a small knife or dagger (or whatever you feel comfortable working with) to cast a circle while chanting: “I consecrate this powerful circle to the Ancient and Oldest of Gods. Here may they manifest to bless their child”.

Move back to the altar, be sure to face North while raising your hands in a welcoming manner. “This is a time that is not a time, in a place not a place, on a day not a day.” Raise your hands higher. “I stand on the threshold between the worlds and the magnificent gates of Asgard. Ancient Ones, hear me. Help and protect me on my path”.

Move the chalice of water, setting it in the middle of the pentacle. Move whatever it is you used to cast the circle over the chalice, holding it slightly above it while chanting: “ The Great Goddesses Freyja: bless this creature of Water to bid your will. May we always recall that the cauldron waters of rebirthing.” Move the object over the salt, chanting: “Freyja: bless this creature of Earth to your service as well. May we always recall that we should honor the Earth in its various forms.”

Sprinkle a handful of salt into the water, raising the chalice up in an offering manner and thanking Freyja.

Now, take the salt water from the chalice and sprinkle it using your fingers around the circle in a clock-wise motion. Start in the East. When done, return the chalice to the altar. Grab the object you used to open the circle. Hold it over the incense and burner while chanting: “The Great God Freyr: bless this creature of Fire to bid your will. May we always recall the sacred Fire that burns deep within every form.” Move the dagger closer to the incense. “Freyr: bless this creature of Air to your service as well. May we listen, always, to the spirits and the wind- as they carry the voices of the Ancient and Old.

Touch the pentacle using the incense. Then slowly drift the incense around in a circle, spreading it. Raise the burner high into the air in an offering manner, thanking Freyr.

I call upon you, Powers of the Air. Witness and guard this rite.” Light the yellow candle, face East.

I call upon you, Powers of Fire. Witness and guard this rite.” Light the red candle, face South.

I call upon you, Powers of Water. Witness and guard this rite.” Light the blue candle, face West.

And I call upon you, Powers of Earth. Witness and guard this rite. Guard this circle and protect this ritual.” Light the green candle, turning to face North.

Now lean forward, lighting the black candle on the right of the cauldron. Raise your arms to the North while saying: “This is the time to honor the fallen warriors. Oh, Odin, Allfather, the wise! You who have gathered all brave warriors to you.  You who watch the honorable in battle. I honor and salute you.”  Light the red candle to the left of the cauldron, raising your arms once more while saying: “Freyja, the beloved Queen of Valkyrs. You, who have gathered your own share of fallen heroes and blessed them in battle. I honor and salute you.”

Light the white candle that is in the cauldron. Raise your arms higher North than the last two times.

Hail and honor all of the warriors who have fallen in battle. May they now reign in Asgard with the Allfather. I honor and respect the courage you possess. Your willingness to protect and defend your family, loved ones, country is beyond measure. Not all brave and strong of heart warriors fall in times of war, but give themselves instead to a daily duty. The Valkyrs greet them, and the Allfather watches over them.  Death is not the end of life:  the Lady’s symbol of eternal life is living within the fruit of Idhunn. Those who seek and know it will find it.”

Move to the East, raising your arms high while saying: “Rulers of the Air and Wind, bless the fallen warriors. Give them eternal rest and joy, in springs and meadows, with your gentle breeze”Move to the South, raising your arms high while saying: “Rulers of the Fire and Coal, bless the fallen warriors. May their days be sunny and their nights be warm, comfortable in your warm embrace.”Move to the West, raising your arms high while saying: “Rulers of the Water and Stream, bless the fallen warriors. May their waters always be undying and their thirst always quenched.” Move to the North, raising your arms higher than the previous times while saying:  “Rules of the Earth, and all that it encompasses. Bless the fallen warriors.  May their seasons be ever-changing, blossoming with flowers.”

Return to the altar, resting your hands in a welcoming position as you honor Odin. “Allfather, you who see all. Give my blessings to the fallen and the heroes of Asgard. Their loss is grieved among us, but we rejoice knowing that they are with you. Let them know their courage is appreciated and that they are not forgotten.” Raise the wine chalice. “To the Gods of Asgard! Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.” Drink from the chalice.

Finish by extinguishing the candles, thanking the powers and telling them to depart in peace. Close the circle.

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