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Information on the types of Dreams one can have Submitted by Willow13

As you all know, many members of our family have a variety of gifts or abilities.I think it is important to understand, each and everyone of our abilities,whether it ranges from,telepathy to medium, we have seen it. A common ability is prohetic dreams.I have this gift.

There are many other types of dreams, and gifts that come through dreams, and yours just may be unrecognized.

Here are a few types of dreams:

Amplifying dreams: When a dream is exaggerated,through the person's traits. extremely. Such as someone who is shy, becoming invisible.

Linked to:Lie detecting,and making your lies come true

Daydreaming:Many ppl believe this is not really dreaming, as you are still awake. However many ppl have proven that you are still linked to the astral plane. It can create images of things you hsve already done,or will do.

Linked to: Precognition, postcognition

Anticipating dreams:dreams where you may sense the outcome of something, biut only a feeling.

Linked to:Advanced probability

False awakening: When in your dreams, you have dreamt you are already awake, or just woke up, but you are still dreaming.

Linked to:Dream manipulation(altering others dreams)

(my favorite:)Lucid Dreams: When you are aware you are dreaming, in your dream.

Linked to: telepathy,precognition

Cathartic Dreams: dreams where you are extremely emotional,whether angry,or happy.

Linked to: empath manipulation

Vigilant dreams: dreams where you have acute senses, or sharped senses. Meaning, that the sound made outside your dream, is translated into another sound in your dream.

Linked to: advanced senses, or empathy.

Past life dreams: when you dream of past life experiences, or your lives before the one you are living now.

Linked to: postcognition

Precognition dreams: when you dream of something(not always good), before it happens, that comes true after you wake.

Linked to: precognition.

A few of the most common dreams are:

Nightmares:which symbolizes an issue or fear in waking life, that needs to be solved phsically and mentally.

Recurring dreams: which are dreams that are played over and over agin until the situation is dealt with in waking life.

Randomized dreams: dreams or cences of random things we have never seen before, that may be linked to our lives in the future.

These dreams are usually not associated with gifts.

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