Conjuration of Lucifer.

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A Luciferian themed ritual.

This Conjuration came from the Dragon Rouge.
For those who don't who they are its a international group rooted in Sweden.
Their goal is to explore and integrate the Shadow in man's soul
.By exploring and not denying the Shadow it can be transformed from a destructive principle or a creative principle.

Face East and draw the Clavicula Nox symbol in the air.
Focus for a while on the symbol and envision it shining with light and burning.
Through the Key of the Night I open the Gate of Hell and I invoke you, Lucifer, Lord of the East, to come to my temple and manifest!

Lucifer, Phosphorous, Morning Star!
Fill me with your power and shine your Light onto the Path which I walk!
May the blaze from the jewel on your crown shine in me as well I seek to follow you and leave the barren world of artificial Light so as to immerse in the depths of your Pandemonium and to find the Black Diamond in the utmost Darkness.
Guide me on the Path of Darkness!
Reveal to me the brilliance of your divine flame!
Awaken my senses to joy of rebirth!

(Speak the following incantation seven times)
Lucifer,Ouyar.Chemeron,Aliseon, Mandousin, Prremy, Oriet, Naydrus, Esmony, Eparinesont, Estiot, Dumosso, Danochar, Casmiel, Hayras, Fabelleronthou, Sodirno, Peatham, come Lucifer, Amen

In Nomine Draconis!
So mote it be!
Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Focus on your third eye.
Feel how it opens and receives the vision of the invoked entity.
Meditate on this feeling and open mind for the experience.

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