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How to make your own bath salts.


  • Salt- whichever kinds of salts appeal to you! Sea salts, epsom salts, lavendar salts, etc.
  • Scented/ fragrance oils
  • Baking soda
  • Dendritic salt (optional)
  • A bowl
  • A large wooden spoon or a whisk
  • A jar or container


Start by experimenting with the amount of salts and fragrance you would like in your bath salts.Once you find a combination, write it down. An easy and basic ratio is 3:2, so start by pouring three cups ofone salt into the bowl and then two cups of another salt. Use either a spoon or whisk to mix them together. Once this is done, proceed by mixing in 1/2 ounce or more of fragrance.

Then, add one cup of baking soda. Once again, use the mixing tool to mix this all together. If thereare clumps or pieces of anything stuck together be sure to smash them until they are all smooth. If you have acquired dendritic salt, this would be a good time to add it. You might wish to put a little more of the fragrance in with the dendritic salt before adding it. The purpose of this salt is to hold the fragrance of the other salts for a longer period of time.

Mix everything together once again. If the smell is not strong enough for you, feel free to add more fragrance or scented oils into the mixture. Then pour the mixture from the bowl into a jar or other container that can be sealed. Open the jar and use the salts whenever you feel the need!

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