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Original Post:
by: Mishipeshu on Jul 09, 2018

So I was thinking of performing this little ritual and wanted to maybe get some advice.and maybe some ideas.

I've been going through a really rough time emotionally and mentally. My ex had broken up with me about 5 months ago, I thought I was finally getting over him and I feel like I took 100 steps backward. I'm determined to move forward into a better state of mind but that's proving harder and harder to do.

I was thinking of buying a candle and letting it burn all the way through, symbolizing the flame as love and watching it fade out until the candle is completely burned out or the flame goes out on its own. I also wanted to relight the flame onto another fresh candle, symbolizing that love transfer, maybe the candle representing friends, family, my support group. Or maybe even the potential of finding another love.

I can definitely tell there's an idea festering but I think it needs help coming into fruition. I'd love to hear some ideas from others. Maybe even some advice? I've done a lot of meditation and self searching. I know what I had is gone. I've done a really good job looking at my faults and his faults. Why it failed. What I need to work on and how I can consciously make better decisions on how I handle negative situations and my emotions. I get all of that.

But like I said it would be wonderful to hear some suggestions. Thanks.