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Original Post:
by: RoyRangers on Mar 12, 2016

So I just started trying to learn magick and I was burning a yellow candle in my bedroom, I then went and gathered the elements to see if I could control one. I gathered some rocks and a clear glass of water. I then burned the rocks put them in the water and blew on the water. Now there is air sticking to the rocks like a bubble and I poked it with a knife and it's still there not floating away. I'm confused did I just somehow combine the 4 elements because it only worked on one of the 3 rocks. The one that I burned with the candle not the lighter. It looks really trippy like silver metallic bubble on black rocks sitting under water. But it's a bubble of air hugging the rock. I also started to chant some words. What should I do now? How do I harness this? Does this mean anything? I have a lot of questions.