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Original Post:
by: ThoseofCraft on Mar 29, 2014

5 (Focus) (Light) "Auto Writing" (Higher Powers Control)

This spell grants those in the higher realm an ability to channel
through you, while the energy is present it is possible to
release one will and become a subject to their teachings, however
this technique is of a high level as is requires much
concentration and belief within ones own self to pull it off

For this Ritual you will require the following:
5 small white candles
1 larger purple or blue candle either is fine
1 sheet of paper
1 quill, pen, or quartz crystal
(having a stone of the color opposite to your candle also helps
eg. I'm using a blue candle with a purple or indigo nature)
Form your star, and place the larger candle at its center,if
using a stone, place it at the bottom of your star, light the
white candles in a clock wise manner starting with the top
each time you light one say : "The light guides me and so it
shall be"

finish by lighting the center while saying: "Guide me to the
truth, and steady my hands"

Before starting, rest your mind, free yourself of thoughts or
focus them on a specific goal to retain concentration, Focus on the center flame, feel your hand vibrate to the energies that are within you, feel them tingle, envision the object you are writing with as made of crystal quartz. (or actually use quartz to make "impressions" on the paper you are using then follow up with ink) quartz is a conductor of sorts, its clear translucent energies guide those who seek.

Think this to yourself:

I give my (left or right) hand to my guiding spirit,
may my lines not go astray, and my heart be settled,
I ground myself, then release this grounding,
Tune me to your vibrations O'Mighty ones,

Flatten the palm of your hand and circle it over the paper three
times while saying: I call to you Gods of old and new, allow me
passage to your writings and knowledge

Begin your writings slowly, maintain high focus, try not try to
"think" of what to write, have trust in the powers above and
remember, while in this state do not anger the gods in any way or
they will revoke you and all focus/ work will be lost

When the message has been fully written, do say your thanks to the higher powers for it is a privilege not a right to have called upon them.

*note, those with a high level of awareness may use this skill without the use of anything but the words, pen, and paper, or just 1 candle for inspiration/ focus