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Original Post:
by: Puppylove on Jan 12, 2013

So I have seen this idea thrown around a lot on this site. Some people say they are real and some people say they aren't. I would like to know, are they real? And if they are, I found this spell that seems kind of legit? I don't know, but has anyone tried it? Does it work?

You will need the following items for this spell:?

pure rainwater ?
crystal bowl ?
white paper ?
blue pen ?
black pen ?
one feather (same colour as the candle)?
coffee filter?

a Very Powerful Wishing Spell
Pour the rainwater into the coffee filter, so the filtered water drips into the crystal bowl. Next, cut a circle out of the white paper. Draw a star within it (The biggest star you can make) to form a pentagram, with the black pen. When the ink dries completely, write your wish over the pentagram in blue ink. Wait for the blue ink to dry completely. Dip the feather in the rainwater, while saying:?

with the water that i spread,?
I'll make my wish and so i said,?
I hope to live through no more dread,?
So I can live in happiness instead.

After you say that, say your wish, and cover your paper on both sides with the watre. After it dries, light the corner of it on fire and place it in the dried crystal bowl. Repeat your wish over and over again while it is burning. Blow the ashes into the wind. When all the ashes have touched the ground, your wish will come true. Thank you!,?