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Original Post:
by: rocksnplants on Feb 21, 2015

I realize that you are looking for a love spell. I use rocks and crystals for various things and I can tell you that there are crystals that will point you to what you desire. That is one of the reasons that they are used in spells. Be it love or what ever. I have been researching, studying and using crystals and herbs for years and they will help you. A talisman made with an attractor crystal and a seeker crystal will probably be the most effective. I use crystals more than spells. They will be less invasive and allow for more freedom to all parties.

Rose quartz is a seeker crystal it may point you in a simple way to the path for love. All quartz are seekers and simplifiers. They are said to point you to the path of least resistance. Rose quartz works on your heart chakra to open it. Carry it with your or dowse with it.

Attractor crystals are said to attract what you want once you find what you are seeking. They also may help you be attractive so what you want wants you. Rutile and Chalcopyrite(Peacock Ore) are attracting crystals.

For an all around attractor and seeker crystal in one try rutilated quartz. Rutile is an attractor and quartz has the seeker (and transforming) properties too.

For herbs or essential oils that may attract love try the old favorite Rose or Ylang-Ylang. Or mix together a few herbs with love properties like cinnamon, juniper, lemon balm and thyme. Yarrow is good too.

Burn some copal resin.

A full spell that will work best will include crystals and herbs. If you would like a spell just make up some words; best if they rhyme like maybe like a song. First cast a circle and use your personal energy with the deities.

Burn some incense, etc, etc.