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Original Post:
by: brad_b on Oct 06, 2020

I need a spell to get a Fake Friend out of my life forever... Back story- we worked together at one point and got together on a business arrangement... over time every thing he said and do seemed totally sketchy. Every time I was to meet with someone they're always a no show, he says they tried to call but no miss calls. I came to the conclusion he was blatantly ripping me off and lying to my face. I've lost close to $100,000.00 And I've had enough. We had a falling out this morning, argument took place for a while then he went in his phone and pulled a recording on his phone about a personal conversation (sexual encounter with two guys and myself) and he was threatening to take the recording to work and out me as gay to my fire house, plus he looked me up on Facebook saw my dad's pic and was threatening to come home and cause problems... I am currently at my wits end... I know you guys say on this site "don't be quick to turn to magic" but I cant take the curve balls any more and now he's looking to get personal... any assistance would be greatly appreciated