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Original Post:
by: samidelgado on Aug 13, 2010

so i was given a reading and one part of it was that the lady says demons are after me, 4 to be precise and are working together. They come and interefere with areas of my life. I knew i was being harassed but i thought just by a spirit, and it does make sense because my life lately...i have been doing things that i always question what made me do this because it is something i just don't do. That is where the demons come in. And the story about my life right now is too long and i do not want to explain.

The other part of the reading was my actual life in general, specifically my love life. So with barely telling the lady just plain nothing, she described my situation with my boyfriend (again another story) and she says that the demons have been interefering with that too. But she pulled out cards that represented me and my boyfriend and I got the queen of cups and he was the king of cups. She explained exact;y his and my personality and since i wanted to test the true powers of this woman i told he nothing at all about our personalities but she was head on. So my question is:
What does that mean when two significant others recieve the king and queen of hearts??
And what type of protection can i use against the demons??