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Original Post:
by: StefanD on Sep 04, 2016

Hiya, i'm Stefan, I'm not a wizard or a warlock or anything like that but I do believe in magic and the like and the practise of such a thing having achieved some success myself with what would be deemed mystical etc I have queries and responces alike and if your after an explanation perhaps I can give you one and if i'm after one hopefully you can help me. Top of my List is God, i'm aware that a lot of people have faith in many deities but I persevere with just the 'One true God' the God or Goddess of what ever is the same God to me, He/she is just being addressed in a different way so if your of a faith that hails, prayers to wishes to or pays homage to a deity of any kind don't worry on the whole I've got your back, if not an explanation that I would hope you would understand. Well that just about sums up a drop in the ocean of me but hey-ho how can you be expected to some up ones existence in a paragraph, all the best Stefan.