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Original Post:
by: KaldonisX323 on Sep 22, 2014

Hello SOM,

My name is Kaldonis, but you may call me Kal for short. i joined SOM in hopes that i would find some ways to better control the dark and evil entities that are always looming in my life. I am very skilled in elemental magics such as Earth Water Air Fire Darkness Light and Energys. I am most fluent in ice and attempting to learn more about darkness.
I have always said that there is darkness and there is light. there is good and there is evil. Though evil is often called "the darkness", please know that darkness in its self is only as evil as we see it. darkness and light are just elements, because evil can appear lighter than you think...
I am also currently studying a particular thing called dust. it is most commonly found in nature as a crystal and it's magical properties can be activated through Aura.
I also hope to learn through my coven the arts of divination. i have already become a novice astral projector but i require help form other deities. Mother earth, Gaia, the ocean or any water spirits around.
Well that's it for now i suppose. you can contact me any time if you'd like to know more about myself. i will be getting on more.