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Original Post:
by: Axnova on May 08, 2018

So I see these girls in my head. There's two of them. They are pale and have black hair and are naked. They always do the same things. They make me think about sex, masturbating,or pretend to be other people, and even try to give me anxiety. I dont know how but I can see in my head like I'm in a dark room. Both of them are there. On my right and left side. and sometimes I see other things that look like demons.when I close my eyes they make projections and I see a lot of things that cant be explained. Sometimes I even feel like they can touch me, cause pains, or even have sex with me. According to the doctors I have autism and psychosis. Sometimes when I'm looking around I see black orbs, white orbs, or white smudges that look a little like ghosts. I cant think, talk to myself in my head and im very tired. I have tried prayer, protective stones and even a few spells and cant seem to get away from them. Please help me identify what they are and how to get away from them. Please and thank you